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CBD lab analysis: The hemp plant is a hyper-accumulator and will absorb elements from the ground very efficiently. Canlieb performs lab testing in Germany to ensure all of its products are free of pesticides and herbicides. 

Example #1

Rejected final product: The following test result confirms that the product has traces of unwanted pesticides and herbicides and rejected.


Example #2

Accepted final product: The following test result confirms our product is free of pesticides and herbicides and is 100% organic.

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We know how important it is to have confidence of the % of cannabinoids in the bottle. A laboratory analysis is made for each batch and the result is made available to you.


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Tincture product pricing remains within a threshold based on the actual cannabinoid profile that is provided to you in a lab analysis that accompanies every product.

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Super Critical Extraction is the #1 safest and cleanest extraction method.

Canlieb’s products use Super Critical Extraction to take cannabinoids from the hemp plant. This extraction method has long been used for a variety of plant material and can be done at temperatures that are native to the plants, minimising the thermal degradation to the plant material and the extracted oil.


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100% recyclable and made in Germany
Canlieb CBD/CBG tinciture products are contained in glass bottles that can be 100% recycled, are made locally in Germany, certified GMP ISO 9001/15378 and are compliant with clean production conditions according to ISO 8. 
All of this ensures the microbiological and particle purity of the glass container and the regulatory compliance (heavy metal content) of the glass container. 
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Canlieb only uses recyclable paper packaging and only from within Germany to ensure we remain as local as possible.

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